Pallet Feed Module

Pallet Feed Module

Key Facts:

Developed with one goal in mind – keep the downstream automation fed.   The module helps minimize mail cycle time while maximizing productivity.

The workcell is used to feed high speed tray sorters (HSTS), low cost tray sorters (LCTS), automatic tray unsleevers (ATU), tray systems, and other integrated dispatch and receive (IDR) automation.  Pallet feed modules are also great for parcel induction.

Sites often justify the units based on two factors:

  • Safety and ergonomics with scissor lift / turntable
  • Improved productivity of the entire sorter operation because of the minimal transition time between pallets


  • Works with postal pallets with pod feet or standard 40″ x 48″ pallets
  • Designed to accumulate 3 – 10 pallets